A Select Bibliography – Graham Hawkins with John Hitchins

To make a useful bibliography for a local area such as the West Dart it is necessary to be selective. To give reasonable coverage it is helpful to include works on Devon as a whole, South Devon, the South Hams, the River Dart and Dartmoor which provide both background information and specific references to local places.

Similarly, topic-based books on subjects such as transport and industrial history can give detailed insights into matters of more local importance. The works of antiquarians and writers of the early twentieth century are also valuable to an understanding of local history.

A few books have been written specifically on places in the West Dart area, but the principal sources of historical information must be sought in journals such as The Reports and Transactions of the Devonshire Association and in newspaper archives, records offices and public and private archives.


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Hundreds of books have been written on Devon. Seminal works include those by Hoskins and Cherry. Others focus on specific areas of study and most have references to the West Dart area. The works by Ian Maxted and Lorna Smith are particularly useful for those embarking on research.

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South Hams

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There are few books on the wider South Hams but a range on specific places and topics. The classic works by Russell are still worth reading.

Belsey, V. (2004, 2nd ed) Exploring Green Lanes in the South Hams, (Green Books Ltd, Dartington) ISBN 9781903998243

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River Dart

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The River Dart has been a magnet for writers. Fiennes offers a compendium of beautifully illustrated Dart topics but the best historical account is by Hemery.

Boyle, V.C. and Payne, D. (1952) Devon Harbours, (Christopher Johnson, London)

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Dartmoor is one of the most studied areas of South Devon and has a diverse and fascinating history. Hemery’s High Dartmoor is magnificent as are his walking guides. The books by Butler and Newman are also comprehensive and well-researched.

Butler, J. (1991-97) Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities, Volumes I-V, (Devon Books, Exeter) ISBN 0861148665, ISBN 0861148703, ISBN 0861148894, ISBN 0861148819 and ISBN 0861149106

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Mining in Devon

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The study of mining on Dartmoor and in South Devon has given rise to many books from Dines’ encyclopaedic work to the very accessible books by Greaves on the daily lives of miners.

Brooks, T. (2004) Devon’s Last ‘Metal’ Mine – Great Rock ‘Shiny’ Ore Mine, (Cornish Hillside Publications, St Austell) ISBN 9781900147323

Brooks, T. (2016) Kelly Mine and the ‘Shiny’ Ore Mines of the Wray Valley, (Tony Brooks, published privately)

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Greeves, T. and Newman, P. (2011) The Great Courts of Devon Tinners 1510 and 1710, (Dartmoor Tinworking Research Group), ISBN 9780952944218

Transport History

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There is a range of books available detailing the roads, canals, railways and shipping of Devon. Those cited give an introduction to the subject for further exploration.

Ewans, M.C. (1966) The Haytor Granite Tramway and Stover Canal, (David and Charles Ltd, Newton Abbot) ISBN 9780715340202

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Place Names

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Place name derivation is a popular pursuit of those interested in local history. Cameron includes useful sections on prefixes and suffixes and Ekwall and Mills offer a broad selection of local places. For in depth analysis, Gover, Mawer and Stenton is the seminal work.

Cameron, K. (1996 6th ed) English Placenames, (B.T. Batsford Ltd, London) ISBN 9780713473780

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Thorn, C. and F. (eds) (1985) Domesday Book Volume 9 (Part 1 & 2), Devon, (Phillimore, Chichester) ISBN 9780850334913

Mills, A.D. (1991) A Dictionary of British Place Names, (Oxford University Press, Oxford), ISBN 9780199609086

Writers and Literature

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Three writers dominate the South Devon scene, Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Eden Phillpotts. Many of Christie’s stories are set in the South Hams (see the transcript of Graham Hawkins’ talk Agatha Christie in Devon – In Fact and Fiction on this website). Conan Doyle dominates Dartmoor fiction with his The Hound of the Baskervilles and Phillpotts novel Storm in a Teacup is set in around the Paper Mill in Tuckenhay.

Christie, A. (1977) An Autobiography, (Harper Collins, London), ISBN 9780007314669

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Worsley, L. (2022) Agatha Christie – A Very Elusive Woman, (Hodder and Stoughton, London) ISBN 9781529303872


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Many travellers visited Devon before 1900 such as Leland and Fiennes but the C19 was the heyday of the great Devon Antiquarians including BaringGould and Worth.

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