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Ashprington Tithe Apportionment 1843 Facsimile


Ashprington Tithe Map 1843 - title


Ashprington Tithe Map 1843 - authentication signatures


Ashprington Tithe Map 1843 - scale and sign-off


Ashprington Tithe Map 1843 - Ashprington Village


Ashprington Tithe Map 1843 - Tuckenhay

Ashprington Parish Tithe Apportionment 1843

Download Excel Spreadsheet or explore online in the interactive tables below.

Scroll down to the end of the page to see the Farm Identification table, which maps 1843 farm names to present-day farm names.

´╗┐LandownerOccupierPlot NoEstatePlot NameCultivationAcresRoodsPerches
Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)26(Glebe)House and Lawn0110
Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)27(Glebe)GardenGarden0021
Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)211(Glebe)Inner Far BeaconArable4213
Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)218(Glebe)Far BeaconArable2228
Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)230(Glebe)GardenGarden031
Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)231(Glebe)Shute HamPasture0327
Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)237(Glebe)Crow MeadowMeadow201
Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)239(Glebe)Hill ParkPasture4114
Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)273(Glebe)Parsonage East DownPasture1101
Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)280(Glebe)Glebe MeadowMeadow101
Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)Reverend Jacob Ley (Glebe)441(Glebe)Harris BallArable1020
John EdwardsJohn Edwards641Blackdown FarmBottom CloseArable and Pasture933
John EdwardsJohn Edwards642Blackdown FarmThree CornersArable5023
John EdwardsJohn Edwards643Blackdown FarmHigher East DownArable14314
John EdwardsJohn Edwards644Blackdown FarmLower East DownFurze18337
John EdwardsJohn Edwards645Blackdown FarmFour AcresArable426
John EdwardsJohn Edwards647Blackdown FarmSix AcresArable5317
John EdwardsJohn Edwards732Blackdown FarmAlmonds CloseArable2035
John EdwardsJohn Edwards733Blackdown FarmMiddle DownArable and furze11237
John EdwardsJohn Edwards734Blackdown FarmEight AcresArable812
John EdwardsJohn Edwards735Blackdown FarmPlain CloseArable712
John EdwardsJohn Edwards736Blackdown FarmLittle South DownArable5139
John EdwardsJohn Edwards737Blackdown FarmGreat South DownArable6034
John EdwardsJohn Edwards738Blackdown FarmHigher West DownArable15120
John EdwardsJohn Edwards739Blackdown FarmLower West DownFurze9010
John EdwardsJohn Edwards740Blackdown FarmOrchardOrchard4118
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright415Bow Bridge FarmLower MeadowMeadow1315
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright426Bow Bridge FarmBow OrchardOrchard1135
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright427Bow Bridge FarmNurseryArable0015
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright429Bow Bridge FarmBow Long FieldPasture2223
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright430Bow Bridge FarmQuarry Park Pasture and Timber035
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright431Bow Bridge FarmQuarry OrchardOrchard0234
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright432Bow Bridge FarmBarn FieldPasture1224
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright434Bow Bridge FarmLittle PlotGarden0014
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright435Bow Bridge FarmBinney OrchardOrchard0023
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright453Bow Bridge FarmKiln and Waste0035
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright454Bow Bridge FarmLower KerswellArable311
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright455Bow Bridge FarmHigher KerswellArable3217
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright512Bow Bridge FarmBow ParkArable311
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott297Bow FarmHigher West DownArable4238
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott300Bow FarmLower West DownArable231
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott301Bow FarmHothill OrchardOrchard1024
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott306Bow FarmSlip fieldArable419
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott403Bow FarmSmall WellArable200
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott406Bow FarmWell ParkArable2121
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott409Bow FarmNew ParkArable4231
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott411Bow FarmPerrys MeadowMeadow231
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott412Bow FarmHigher New ParkPasture237
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott413Bow FarmLower New ParkPasture3116
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott417Bow FarmMill MeadowMeadow1120
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott418Bow FarmBow HillPasture3016
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott421Bow FarmWestern OrchardOrchard027
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott422Bow FarmHouse Garden etc0035
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott423Bow FarmGardenGarden0031
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott425Bow FarmHamMeadow2133
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Elliott438Bow FarmWasteWaste0010
Richard Durrant, EsquireSarah Hutchings414Bow Mill FarmOrchardOrchard0315
Richard Durrant, EsquireSarah Hutchings416Bow Mill FarmHouse Yard etc0122
Richard Durrant, EsquireSarah Hutchings437Bow Mill FarmHigher MeadowMeadow1125
Richard Durrant, EsquireSarah Hutchings449Bow Mill FarmLower MeadowMeadow036
Richard Durrant, EsquireSarah Hutchings450Bow Mill FarmWaste0013
William Dacres AdamsRobert Taylor339Bowden FarmFir Plantation0110
William Dacres AdamsRobert Taylor340Bowden FarmOuter Long DownArable6330
William Dacres AdamsRobert Taylor341Bowden FarmFir Plantation1229
William Dacres AdamsRobert Taylor342Bowden FarmNear Long DownArable5120
William Dacres AdamsRobert Taylor343Bowden FarmNear Long DownArable409
William Dacres AdamsRobert Taylor344Bowden FarmFir Plantation1225
William Dacres AdamsRobert Taylor345Bowden FarmOuter Long DownArable922
William Dacres AdamsRobert Taylor349Bowden FarmFir Plantation119
William Dacres AdamsRobert Taylor350Bowden FarmLong ParkPasture3337
William Dacres AdamsRobert Taylor351Bowden FarmFir Plantation0310
William Dacres AdamsRobert Taylor352Bowden FarmFir Plantation039
William Dacres AdamsRobert Taylor353Bowden FarmFir Plantation2124
William Dacres AdamsRobert Taylor354Bowden FarmEastern ParkArable926
William Dacres AdamsRobert Taylor355Bowden FarmStone Park (Part of)Pasture8132
William Dacres AdamsRobert Taylor356Bowden FarmFir Plantation028
John TomsRobert Taylor357Bowden FarmEast Broom ParkPasture1408
John TomsRobert Taylor358Bowden FarmWest Broom ParkPasture1500
John TomsRobert Taylor359Bowden FarmHouse and Yard0026
John TomsRobert Taylor360Bowden FarmWest Water MeadowMeadow3238
John TomsRobert Taylor361Bowden FarmPart of Brocks ParkPasture238
John TomsRobert Taylor362Bowden FarmPond0313
John TomsRobert Taylor363Bowden FarmOrchardOrchard0139
John TomsRobert Taylor364Bowden FarmGreat MeadowMeadow1311
John TomsRobert Taylor365Bowden FarmPond MeadowMeadow533
John TomsRobert Taylor366Bowden FarmColly ParkPasture420
John TomsRobert Taylor367Bowden FarmPond0233
John TomsRobert Taylor368Bowden FarmPlantation and RoadPlantation017
Henry NethertonJohn Erle23Brookings FarmOrchardOrchard024
Henry NethertonJohn Erle24Brookings FarmBarn and Yard0028
Henry NethertonJohn Erle25Brookings FarmHouse Garden etc0038
Henry NethertonJohn Erle40Brookings FarmGardenGarden0013
Henry NethertonJohn Erle41Brookings FarmOrchardOrchard0033
Henry NethertonJohn Erle42Brookings FarmOrchardOrchard0027
Henry NethertonJohn Erle44Brookings FarmOrchardOrchard013
Henry NethertonJohn Erle148Brookings FarmCross ParkArable4125
Henry NethertonJohn Erle149Brookings FarmInner Filley BallArable3034
Henry NethertonJohn Erle204Brookings FarmGribbles MeadowPasture4315
Henry NethertonJohn Erle206Brookings FarmLower GribblesArable5118
Henry NethertonJohn Erle209Brookings FarmHigher GribblesArable3335
Henry NethertonJohn Erle214Brookings FarmFilley BallArable3036
Henry NethertonJohn Erle216Brookings FarmLittle Filley BallArable1215
Henry NethertonJohn Erle219Brookings FarmHigher WebleyArable6235
Henry NethertonJohn Erle224Brookings FarmMiddle WebleyPasture4031
Henry NethertonJohn Erle225Brookings FarmLower WebleyPasture3231
Henry NethertonJohn Erle232Brookings FarmShute HamPasture2234
Henry NethertonJohn Erle235Brookings FarmBroad ParkPasture409
Henry NethertonJohn Erle243Brookings FarmInner East DownArable2320
Henry NethertonJohn Erle244Brookings FarmEast DownArable327
Henry NethertonJohn Erle288Brookings FarmDunstonePasture0214
Henry NethertonJohn Erle305Brookings FarmNew ParkArable3212
Henry NethertonJohn Erle334Brookings FarmInner Barn FieldArable3320
Henry NethertonJohn Erle346Brookings FarmWell FieldPasture4029
Henry NethertonJohn Erle373Brookings FarmThree AcresPasture309
Henry NethertonJohn Erle374Brookings FarmCoombepark MeadowPasture229
Henry NethertonJohn Erle377Brookings FarmBarn FieldArable3130
Henry NethertonJohn Erle442Brookings FarmAdams FieldPasture231
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale3Coltons FarmGardenGarden0019
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale6Coltons FarmBuildings0025
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale11Coltons FarmHouse Yard etc0118
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale98Coltons FarmGreat RunPasture and Timber19015
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale101Coltons FarmLong ParkArable2127
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale102Coltons FarmHam ParkArable3123
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale103Coltons FarmHam ParkArable217
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale104Coltons FarmPrint FieldArable4132
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale105Coltons FarmBarn FieldPasture3221
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale106Coltons FarmHam CloseArable6128
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale120Coltons FarmMark FieldArable9335
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale124Coltons FarmEastern ParkArable628
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale125Coltons FarmFour Acre Eastern FieldArable334
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale126Coltons FarmYonder GeachingsArable7035
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale129Coltons FarmHome GeachingsArable6315
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale132Coltons FarmPlain GeachingsPasture7314
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale133Coltons FarmLong GeachingsPasture328
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale134Coltons FarmHigher Wastcombe ParkPasture617
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale213Coltons FarmGribbles Arable2327
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale228Coltons FarmOrchardOrchard137
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale229Coltons FarmChurch ParkOrchard1014
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale233Coltons FarmWastcombe ParkPasture5210
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale234Coltons FarmBroad ParkArable6335
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale245Coltons FarmHorseleyArable4225
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale246Coltons FarmStockern Arable4136
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale290Coltons FarmColly ParkPasture2122
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale291Coltons FarmMiddle ParkPasture3213
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale310Coltons FarmWest ParkPasture4027
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale322Coltons FarmBarn FieldArable4132
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale323Coltons FarmCross ParkArable2020
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale328Coltons FarmSeven Acre RowdenArable802
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale331Coltons FarmHigher RowdenArable2325
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale332Coltons FarmLower RowdenArable322
Richard Durrant, EsquireRobert Foale and Henry Foale333Coltons FarmYonder RowdenArable317
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem9Frogmore FarmBarn and Yard0020
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem72Frogmore FarmGardenGarden008
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem78Frogmore FarmBlacklers OrchardOrchard1138
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem80Frogmore FarmGardenGarden0028
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem81Frogmore FarmHouse Yard etc019
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem82Frogmore FarmOrchardOrchard022
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem100Frogmore FarmQuay CloseArable5311
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem109Frogmore FarmWay ParkArable4124
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem110Frogmore FarmBunkers CloseArable5330
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem111Frogmore FarmOld Barn FieldArable9023
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem112Frogmore FarmBarn and Yard0022
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem113Frogmore FarmNew Barn FieldArable8225
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem114Frogmore FarmLower Point FieldArable9025
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem115Frogmore FarmYonder Lime HouseArable5214
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem118Frogmore FarmHigher Point FieldArable6118
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem119Frogmore FarmHilleys CloseArable7338
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem121Frogmore FarmTen Acre Eastern ParkArable9022
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem122Frogmore FarmThree Acre Eastern ParkArable3111
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem123Frogmore FarmFive Acre Eastern ParkArable5210
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem127Frogmore FarmEastern ParkArable3014
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem128Frogmore FarmHigher NutcombePasture6324
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem141Frogmore FarmLong Cross ParkPasture1336
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem142Frogmore FarmRhodesPasture2325
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem143Frogmore FarmPits Cross ParkPasture309
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem222Frogmore FarmLower Summer ParkPasture319
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem236Frogmore FarmChurch Stile MeadowMeadow1316
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem240Frogmore FarmEast DownArable1000
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem242Frogmore FarmRagged HorathornArable and furze4330
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem249Frogmore FarmYonder HorathornArable6110
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem250Frogmore FarmLower NutcombeArable3014
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem252Frogmore FarmHomer Lime HouseArable5312
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem260Frogmore FarmLower ScratchillArable3232
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem261Frogmore FarmCrispin HorathornArable201
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem263Frogmore FarmHigher ScratchillArable427
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem267Frogmore FarmCrownleyPasture5110
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem268Frogmore FarmCoppiceFir Plantation2136
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem269Frogmore FarmGreat CrownleyArable428
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem272Frogmore FarmGardenGarden012
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem275Frogmore FarmOxenberry MeadowMeadow4312
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem279Frogmore FarmLower MeadowMeadow2011
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem281Frogmore FarmLong MeadowMeadow506
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem439Frogmore FarmGreat OrchardOrchard4131
Richard Durrant, EsquireMaria Cockrem463Frogmore FarmHill FieldArable8037
Reverend Henry BroadridgeHenry Coles654Hannaford FarmHouses0019
Reverend Henry BroadridgeNicholas Bovey and William Almond658Hannaford FarmCottage008
Reverend Henry BroadridgeNicholas Bovey and William Almond659Hannaford FarmOrchardOrchard0123
John BrowneWilliam Bowden660Hannaford FarmKiln OrchardOrchard0121
John BrowneWilliam Bowden661Hannaford FarmGraze HillArable1327
John BrowneWilliam Bowden667Hannaford FarmGreat HillArable3336
John BrowneWilliam Bowden668Hannaford FarmYonder MeadowMeadow1330
John BrowneWilliam Bowden669Hannaford FarmLittle HillArable220
John BrowneWilliam Bowden670Hannaford FarmThree CornersArable3023
John BrowneWilliam Bowden671Hannaford FarmHanging FieldArable2218
John BrowneWilliam Bowden672Hannaford FarmHome MeadowMeadow1336
John BrowneWilliam Bowden675Hannaford FarmBarn OrchardOrchard1029
John BrowneWilliam Bowden676Hannaford FarmDwelling House and Garden0015
William John Wakeham BastardWilliam John Wakeham Bastard706Hannaford FarmHigher Quarry ParkArable5113
William John Wakeham BastardWilliam John Wakeham Bastard707Hannaford FarmEast ParkPasture1236
William John Wakeham BastardWilliam John Wakeham Bastard708Hannaford FarmLower Quarry ParkPasture3224
William John Wakeham BastardWilliam John Wakeham Bastard709Hannaford FarmPart of Lawn Pasture0126
William John Wakeham BastardWilliam John Wakeham Bastard710Hannaford FarmQuarry Park OrchardOrchard0032
John BrowneWilliam Bowden721Hannaford FarmWood FieldArable1330
John BrowneWilliam Bowden722Hannaford FarmPlain CloseArable3128
John BrowneWilliam Bowden723Hannaford FarmSpring FieldArable412
John BrowneWilliam Bowden724Hannaford FarmGreat Newhouse FieldArable3230
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright329Langans FarmHigher RowdensArable200
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright330Langans FarmLower RowdensArable228
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright335Langans FarmPump FieldArable2318
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright336Langans FarmLong LangansArable5125
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright337Langans FarmLower LangansArable4230
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright338Langans FarmGreat LangansArable600
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright347Langans FarmBroom Park HomerArable1012
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright348Langans FarmBroom Park YonderArable1030
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce646New House FarmGreat MeadowMeadow5212
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce648New House FarmChapel Hay HillArable and Pasture400
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce649New House FarmRock HillArable3117
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce650New House FarmNew ParkArable2328
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce651New House FarmMillers ParkArable0239
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce662New House FarmChapel Hay Meadow6311
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce663New House FarmChapel Hay MeadowMeadow4110
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce664New House FarmFurze HillArable502
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce665New House FarmLower Great CloseArable4214
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce666New House FarmHigher Great CloseArable3126
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce725New House FarmPlantationPlantation0029
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce726New House FarmBeer Well OrchardOrchard039
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce727New House FarmBeer WellArable601
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce728New House FarmGardenGarden0116
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce729New House FarmHouse and Garden021
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce730New House FarmQuarry ParkPasture and Waste4238
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce731New House FarmHigher MeadowMeadow4314
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce741New House FarmOrchardOrchard5115
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce742New House FarmSouth ParkArable535
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce743New House FarmGreat Rams HillArable6015
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce744New House FarmLower Long Rams HillArable236
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce745New House FarmMiddle Rams HillArable314
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce746New House FarmHigher Rams HillArable3212
Cyprian PearceCyprian Pearce747New House FarmHigher Long Rams HillArable3015
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore389Painsford FarmHill ParkArable4022
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore390Painsford FarmRooks CloseArable10025
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore391Painsford FarmHigher MeadowPasture214
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore392Painsford FarmTwo AcresMeadow2030
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore393Painsford FarmPlantationPlantation0021
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore400Painsford FarmGreat MeadowMeadow933
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore561Painsford FarmLittleford MeadowMeadow4126
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore562Painsford FarmOrchardOrchard0018
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore570Painsford FarmWoodTimber0030
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore571Painsford FarmLower Marl ParkPasture500
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore572Painsford FarmMill FieldPasture2223
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore574Painsford FarmWildernessOrchard2210
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore575Painsford FarmRick ParkPasture12338
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore576Painsford FarmHigher Marl ParkPasture7326
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore577Painsford FarmPlantationTimber0023
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore578Painsford FarmRouse CloseArable4030
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore579Painsford FarmLower Furze ParkArable and Furze704
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore580Painsford FarmHigher Furze ParkArable5121
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore581Painsford FarmLower Silver HillArable907
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore582Painsford FarmHigher Silver HillArable7328
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore583Painsford FarmSeven AcresArable1432
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore584Painsford FarmMumps ParkArable5223
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore585Painsford FarmHigher Horse ParkArable1000
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore586Painsford FarmLower Horse ParkPasture8220
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore587Painsford FarmHigher West DownPasture5325
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore588Painsford FarmLower West DownMeadow912
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore589Painsford FarmOld OrchardOrchard213
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore590Painsford FarmFarm BuildingsBuildings020
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore591Painsford FarmGardenGarden014
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore592Painsford FarmGarden OrchardOrchard and Garden0217
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore593Painsford FarmFountain OrchardOrchard1036
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore594Painsford FarmHouse and GardenOrchard1138
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore595Painsford FarmWood and Waste Timber and Waste0229
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore596Painsford FarmKitchen OrchardOrchard1230
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore597Painsford FarmKitchen MeadowMeadow6022
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore598Painsford FarmHigher HamMeadow4137
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore599Painsford FarmLower HamMeadow5322
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore602Painsford FarmWatersPasture6013
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore603Painsford FarmGreat South WaterPasture1228
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore604Painsford FarmWoodTimber029
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore605Painsford FarmHam OrchardOrchard0312
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore606Painsford FarmSouth Water WoodTimber132
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore607Painsford FarmLittle South WaterArable705
Philip MichelmorePhilip Michelmore608Painsford FarmCoppiceTimber2024
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt91Sharpham FarmPart of Great RunPasture and Timber10214
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt145Sharpham FarmPart of Great RunPasture and Timber9220
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt146Sharpham FarmPart of Great RunPasture and Timber24324
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt151Sharpham FarmGribbles MeadowArable703
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt153Sharpham FarmGreat GribblesArable834
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt154Sharpham FarmBrick MeadowPasture and Timber1709
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt155Sharpham FarmLong MeadowMeadow1102
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt156Sharpham FarmRoller Park Pasture6128
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt157Sharpham FarmHigher Fair OakPasture and Timber410
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt159Sharpham FarmLower Fair OakPasture4232
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt162Sharpham FarmLinhay and Waste0114
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt163Sharpham FarmOrchardOrchard029
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt166Sharpham FarmHouse FieldPasture and Timber19028
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt167Sharpham FarmHolly Beare PlantationOrchard3236
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt169Sharpham FarmWorlds End OrchardOrchard1333
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt177Sharpham FarmHigher Bottom Arable6026
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt179Sharpham FarmLower Bottom Arable318
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt180Sharpham FarmNine AcresArable14020
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt182Sharpham FarmTwelve AcresArable10326
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt183Sharpham FarmEight AcresArable7221
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt184Sharpham FarmGreat Pool ParkArable10018
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt185Sharpham FarmSquare CloseArable6121
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt186Sharpham FarmBarn FieldArable9022
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt187Sharpham FarmBarn Yard and Road018
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt188Sharpham FarmWalkhamArable333
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt189Sharpham FarmGardenArable0130
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt190Sharpham FarmFarm House Cottage etc130
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt191Sharpham FarmGardenGarden0120
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt192Sharpham FarmUnderhillArable704
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt193Sharpham FarmLane RowdenArable10019
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt194Sharpham FarmRay HillArable9025
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt195Sharpham FarmMiddle RowdenArable6026
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt196Sharpham FarmLane RowdenArable6118
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt197Sharpham FarmHigher RowdenPasture305
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt198Sharpham FarmHigher UnderhillArable4220
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt199Sharpham FarmLittle UnderhillArable3318
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt200Sharpham FarmLinhay and Yard 0024
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt201Sharpham FarmBottom ParkArable5122
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt202Sharpham FarmLinhay and Yard etcArable0016
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt203Sharpham FarmSeven Acre MeadowMeadow515
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt207Sharpham FarmGribbles MeadowMeadow1327
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt208Sharpham FarmHigher GribblesArable5324
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Hewitt327Sharpham FarmLower Rowden Pasture3031
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire83Sharpham MansionMud12020
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire84Sharpham MansionSaltage MarshPasture2014
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire85Sharpham MansionSaltagePasture7033
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire86Sharpham MansionPethericks CoppiceTimber107
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire87Sharpham MansionSouth LawnPasture and Timber11231
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire88Sharpham MansionNorth LawnPasture and Timber9233
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire89Sharpham MansionLower RookeryPasture1027
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire90Sharpham MansionCoppiceTimber0325
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire92Sharpham MansionMansion House Offices etc0312
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire93Sharpham MansionGardenGarden026
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire94Sharpham MansionLawn Shrubbery Pasture etcPasture Shrubbery and Timber14236
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire95Sharpham MansionOrchardOrchard2234
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire96Sharpham MansionWillow Plot2213
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire97Sharpham MansionCottage004
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire99Sharpham MansionCoppiceTimber1218
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire100Sharpham MansionLangham WoodTimber33021
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire107Sharpham MansionCoppiceWood1336
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire130Sharpham MansionStockern PlantationTimber2337
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire131Sharpham MansionGeachings PlantationTimber108
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire135Sharpham MansionSlade MeadowMeadow8130
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire136Sharpham MansionHouse and Yard0032
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire137Sharpham MansionGardenGarden0220
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire138Sharpham MansionPlantationTimber1036
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire139Sharpham MansionBarley ParkPasture and Timber5133
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire140Sharpham MansionLower WoolcombePasture5120
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire144Sharpham MansionLittle Cross ParkPasture2030
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire147Sharpham MansionWood Timber128
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire150Sharpham MansionGribble PlantationTimber1122
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire152Sharpham MansionGribble PlantationTimber2319
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire158Sharpham MansionWoodTimber1210
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire160Sharpham MansionGreat MarshArable and Pasture4019
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire161Sharpham MansionFir Plantation1024
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire164Sharpham MansionRoad234
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire165Sharpham MansionHolly Beare PlantationTimber1016
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire168Sharpham MansionCottage and Garden0223
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire170Sharpham MansionIbbecombe FieldPasture619
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire171Sharpham MansionIbbecombe MeadowMeadow11133
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire172Sharpham MansionPart of Glaze HillPasture and Timber912
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire173Sharpham MansionWoodTimber0115
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire174Sharpham MansionPlantationTimber224
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire175Sharpham MansionPart of Picars HillArable9131
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire176Sharpham MansionPart of Bowling GreenArable925
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire178Sharpham MansionRoad014
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire181Sharpham MansionBowdens PlantationTimber0337
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire443Sharpham MansionCoombe MeadowMeadow0210
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire461Sharpham MansionCottage Waste etc025
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire462Sharpham MansionLittle PlotArable0033
Richard Durrant, EsquireRichard Durrant, Esquire556Sharpham MansionWasteTimber0023
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss28Shute FarmHouse and Buildings018
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss34Shute FarmGardenGarden0028
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss116Shute FarmFour Acres Lime HouseArable4010
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss117Shute FarmYonder Lime HouseArable3112
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss205Shute FarmSlade MeadowMeadow535
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss210Shute FarmBrock HillArable8214
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss226Shute FarmOrchardOrchard125
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss227Shute FarmGardenGarden0025
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss241Shute FarmLower DeaversArable6124
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss251Shute FarmBottom FieldArable210
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss253Shute FarmLower Lime House FieldArable3123
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss254Shute FarmPlantationArable0213
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss255Shute FarmFive AcresArable5012
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss259Shute FarmLong FieldArable1322
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss265Shute FarmHigher DeaversArable2224
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss270Shute FarmEast DownPasture6120
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss284Shute FarmTongue FieldPasture1320
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss285Shute FarmFour AcresPasture3214
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss287Shute FarmLittle DunstoneArable2211
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss289Shute FarmLangaparkPasture2321
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss292Shute FarmPortwayArable2017
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss293Shute FarmHigher Bottom ParkPasture2028
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss294Shute FarmLower Bottom ParkArable1320
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss295Shute FarmGreat DunstonePasture3320
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss302Shute FarmSquare Hot HolePasture105
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss303Shute FarmLong Hot HoleArable105
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss307Shute FarmLower Beacon HillArable303
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss308Shute FarmHigher Beacon HillArable319
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss309Shute FarmColdridgeArable4217
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss311Shute FarmLower Fire BeaconArable3326
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss312Shute FarmHigher Fire BeaconArable3028
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss313Shute FarmNorth Fire BeaconArable3312
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss314Shute FarmGreat Fire BeaconArable8035
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss315Shute FarmAlms House FieldArable8316
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss324Shute FarmGreat SladeArable1020
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss325Shute FarmBarn Linhay and Courtlage0024
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Foss326Shute FarmLong SladePasture930
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge471Spring Field FarmFir Plantation0038
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge472Spring Field FarmOrchardOrchard0311
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge473Spring Field FarmSpring FieldPasture2127
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge474Spring Field FarmGardenGarden0036
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge475Spring Field FarmOffices and Yard0017
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge476Spring Field FarmHouse Lawn and Shrubbery0328
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge477Spring Field FarmSpring FieldPasture and Plantation3135
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge479Spring Field FarmQuays Offices etc0338
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge481Spring Field FarmLittle Field0233
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge488Spring Field FarmLower ParkArable and Meadow3210
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge492Spring Field FarmRock ParkPasture and Orchard3224
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge493Spring Field FarmWaste0037
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge494Spring Field FarmOrchardOrchard014
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge495Spring Field FarmLong MeadowMeadow1131
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge496Spring Field FarmLittle Robins FieldPasture111
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge497Spring Field FarmWasteWood0126
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge498Spring Field FarmLong HillArable302
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge499Spring Field FarmGreat Robins FieldPasture1335
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge500Spring Field FarmHigher MeadowMeadow1111
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge501Spring Field FarmCoppiceOrchard and Furze1217
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge502Spring Field FarmHolt HillArable202
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge504Spring Field FarmMill PoolArable2030
Thomas MudgeThomas Mudge509Spring Field FarmLong ParkArable5225
Jeffery John EdwardsRobert Taylor369Standcombe FarmPart of Dry Meadow Meadow4236
Jeffery John EdwardsRobert Taylor370Standcombe FarmCow Ball MeadowMeadow126
Jeffery John EdwardsRobert Taylor371Standcombe FarmGreat MeadowMeadow3117
Jeffery John EdwardsRobert Taylor372Standcombe FarmPart of Dry Meadow Meadow4320
Jeffery John EdwardsRobert Taylor378Standcombe FarmPoll FieldPasture and Waste5121
Jeffery John EdwardsRobert Taylor379Standcombe FarmFarm Buildings012
Jeffery John EdwardsRobert Taylor380Standcombe FarmPart of Hagey Park MeadowMeadow4214
Jeffery John EdwardsRobert Taylor381Standcombe FarmTorcombe MeadowMeadow3210
Jeffery John EdwardsRobert Taylor388Standcombe FarmOrchardOrchard4029
Jeffery John EdwardsRobert Taylor394Standcombe FarmCoppiceTimber4319
John MoyseyJohn Moysey317Torcombe FarmWay ParkPasture405
John MoyseyJohn Moysey318Torcombe FarmBackfordArable4032
John MoyseyJohn Moysey319Torcombe FarmLong CloseArable222
John MoyseyJohn Moysey320Torcombe FarmGrattanArable427
John MoyseyJohn Moysey321Torcombe FarmCross ParkArable4015
John MoyseyJohn Moysey382Torcombe FarmTorcombe MeadowMeadow204
John MoyseyJohn Moysey387Torcombe FarmCommons and Buildings2010
John MoyseyJohn Moysey395Torcombe FarmSpring OrchardOrchard0329
John MoyseyJohn Moysey396Torcombe FarmOrchardOrchard0134
John MoyseyJohn Moysey397Torcombe FarmRock ParkArable and Furze233
John MoyseyJohn Moysey398Torcombe FarmLower OrchardOrchard0339
John MoyseyJohn Moysey399Torcombe FarmMill HamsPasture and Timber1313
Thomas Baring Short, EsquireJohn Worth383Torcoombe FarmBarn FieldArable1334
Thomas Baring Short, EsquireJohn Worth384Torcoombe FarmSouth Road FieldArable2020
Thomas Baring Short, EsquireJohn Worth385Torcoombe FarmNorth Road FieldArable2018
Thomas Baring Short, EsquireJohn Worth386Torcoombe FarmLower Barn FieldArable2037
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 673Washbourne FarmQuarry MeadowMeadow2234
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 674Washbourne FarmMill MeadowMeadow318
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 687Washbourne FarmPearcherArable10324
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 688Washbourne FarmBad ParkArable14015
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 689Washbourne FarmYonder Furze ParkArable7031
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 690Washbourne FarmLong MeadowMeadow3131
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 691Washbourne FarmWaste0127
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 692Washbourne FarmHomer Furze ParkArable7136
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 693Washbourne FarmCoombe ParkArable14015
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 694Washbourne FarmDry MeadowPasture3132
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 695Washbourne FarmWinter OatsArable5228
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 696Washbourne FarmHouse Yard etc0337
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 697Washbourne FarmGardenGarden0034
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 698Washbourne FarmOrchardOrchard3331
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 699Washbourne FarmKitchen MeadowMeadow2218
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 700Washbourne FarmGarden ParkArable1032
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 701Washbourne FarmHigher North ParkArable612
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 702Washbourne FarmHomer North ParkArable7313
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 703Washbourne FarmYonder North ParkArable6124
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 704Washbourne FarmHomer Deer AcresArable11123
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 705Washbourne FarmYonder Deer AcresArable8221
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 711Washbourne FarmPlantationPlantation0132
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 712Washbourne FarmBrakeyArable7321
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 713Washbourne FarmWood ParkArable13127
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 714Washbourne FarmNew ParkArable11034
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 715Washbourne FarmBarn FieldArable10020
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 716Washbourne FarmChiselsford FieldArable12018
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 717Washbourne FarmNurseryOrchard0134
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 718Washbourne FarmLittle coombe ParkPasture828
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 719Washbourne FarmRidley BayMeadow409
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 720Washbourne FarmBarn and Yard0012
John SweetlandWilliam Manning 748Washbourne FarmRoad 0320
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright401Western Barn FarmOrchardOrchard0130
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright402Western Barn FarmLittle FieldPasture2210
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright404Western Barn FarmHigher MeadowMeadow2120
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright405Western Barn FarmBuckfordPasture5126
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright560Western Barn FarmLower MeadowMeadow3226
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright428Yetson FarmPlotArable025
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds436Yetson FarmQuay0015
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds457Yetson FarmQuay 0020
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge470Yetson FarmWoodArable3227
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge506Yetson FarmGreat Mill PoolArable5327
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge507Yetson FarmBroad ParkArable4326
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge508Yetson FarmSummer ParkArable528
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge510Yetson FarmTree FieldArable720
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge511Yetson FarmNew ParkArable3026
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright513Yetson FarmYetson Long FieldPasture418
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright514Yetson FarmShoul ParkArable2127
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge515Yetson FarmDunstoneArable and Plantation628
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright516Yetson FarmNew ParkArable2023
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge517Yetson FarmDitchArable3134
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright518Yetson FarmHigher Summer ParkArable4110
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge519Yetson FarmShort FurlongArable4033
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge520Yetson FarmBakehouse HillArable2224
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge521Yetson FarmWaste0019
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge522Yetson FarmFenny ParkPasture3023
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge523Yetson FarmBolt HayesPasture5012
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright524Yetson FarmGardenGarden0128
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge525Yetson FarmUnder TownPasture304
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds526Yetson FarmOrchardOrchard1210
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds527Yetson FarmPlantationPlantation0112
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright529Yetson FarmGreat MeadowMeadow4037
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge530Yetson FarmGreat AldersMeadow314
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge531Yetson FarmGreat MeadowMeadow2312
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge532Yetson FarmNeds MeadowMeadow123
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge533Yetson FarmBack OrchardOrchard1029
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge534Yetson FarmHouse Yard etc0312
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge535Yetson FarmGardenGarden0024
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge536Yetson FarmLittle MeadowMeadow111
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge537Yetson FarmLong OrchardOrchard200
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright538Yetson FarmHigher Western ParkPasture2016
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright539Yetson FarmWestern Park OrchardOrchard0133
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds540Yetson FarmGardenGarden0028
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds541Yetson FarmHouse Yard etc031
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright542Yetson FarmLower OrchardOrchard026
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright543Yetson FarmHouse Garden etc0115
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright544Yetson FarmHigher OrchardOrchard0237
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge545Yetson FarmLees OrchardOrchard0123
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds546Yetson FarmFarm Buildings0015
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright547Yetson FarmOrchardOrchard0030
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds548Yetson FarmYetson OrchardOrchard2030
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds549Yetson FarmGardenGarden0025
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds550Yetson FarmGreat OrchardOrchard4137
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge551Yetson FarmLittleford ParkPasture4215
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright552Yetson FarmLower Western ParkArable0320
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge553Yetson FarmWastePasture0031
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge554Yetson FarmWood009
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge555Yetson FarmMarsh Pasture108
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge557Yetson FarmPlantationPlantation0033
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge558Yetson FarmPlantationPlantation0013
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds609Yetson FarmNorth Down FieldArable3312
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds610Yetson FarmHigher North ParkArable4018
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds611Yetson FarmLower North ParkArable3333
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds613Yetson FarmPlantationPlantation1012
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds614Yetson FarmPlantation OrchardOrchard1020
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds615Yetson FarmNorth FieldsPasture3212
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds616Yetson FarmHillPasture1219
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds617Yetson FarmNurseryPasture0036
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds618Yetson FarmHigher Yetson OrchardOrchard1230
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds619Yetson FarmFarm Buildings0023
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge620Yetson FarmEastern OrchardOrchard1020
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge621Yetson FarmHayesPasture3014
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds622Yetson FarmDairyPasture130
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds623Yetson FarmAbove Town HillArable2330
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds624Yetson FarmLittle SladePasture4312
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds625Yetson FarmMiddle ParkPasture3220
Thomas EdmondsThomas Edmonds626Yetson FarmNorth ParkArable3131
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright627Yetson FarmCross GatesArable213
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge628Yetson FarmGreat SladeArable730
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge629Yetson FarmCrew HillPasture118
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge630Yetson FarmEllwellArable8018
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge631Yetson FarmHill ParkArable309
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge632Yetson FarmLong FurlongArable3224
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge633Yetson FarmSouth ParkArable513
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright634Yetson FarmFive AcresArable502
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright635Yetson FarmLower Summer ParkArable410
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright636Yetson FarmHigher Mill PoolArable3037
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright637Yetson FarmLittle Broom ParkArable3211
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge638Yetson FarmMill PoolPasture406
Thomas EdmondsAnthony Goodridge639Yetson FarmMill PoolPasture4121
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Wright640Yetson FarmLower Mill PoolArable2128
Stephen ColesThomas Roll1GardenGarden007
William SoperPeter Weymouth2Garden009
Richard Durrant, EsquirePeter Weymouth4OrchardOrchard0016
Richard Durrant, EsquirePeter Weymouth5Cottage and Garden007
Richard Durrant, EsquireMatthew Butland7Cottage004
8Church and Burial Ground021
William SoperPeter Weymouth10Cottages005
Poor of AshpringtonThomas Bickford12House006
William FinchJohn Reeves13New Inn etc0024
Mary Hine and Edward PerringMary Hine14Cottage009
Richard Durrant, EsquireMatthew Butland15GardenGarden008
Jacob Ley ReverendJacob Ley Reverend16NurseryOrchard0016
Mary Hine and Edward PerringMary Hine17Garden004
Jacob Ley ReverendJacob Ley Reverend18House and Orchard0030
William FinchJohn Reeves19OrchardOrchard020
Frances BastardWilliam Sellick20Cottages and Garden0011
William FinchWilliam Finch 21GardenArable0013
William FinchWilliam Finch 22Cottage Yard etc0027
Reverend George Perry Carwithen Reverend George Perry Carwithen 29House and Lawn1017
Reverend George Perry Carwithen Reverend George Perry Carwithen 30Stables and Yard0013
Henry LeeCyprian Lee31Cottages and Garden006
Reverend George Perry Carwithen Reverend George Perry Carwithen 32Cottages and Gardens0019
Henry LeeSamuel Fox33Cottage005
Henry LeeSamuel Fox35Garden005
Reverend George Perry Carwithen Edward Smith36OrchardOrchard011
Reverend George Perry Carwithen Robert Philips37Cottages and Gardens0018
Reverend George Perry Carwithen Reverend George Perry Carwithen 38GardenGarden0019
Reverend George Perry Carwithen Reverend George Perry Carwithen 39GardenGarden014
Henry NethertonJohn Butland43Cottage0014
Agnes JefferyJohn Jeffery45House etc005
Reverend George Perry Carwithen William Shule46Cottages etc004
Ann Pearce Ann Pearce 47House etc006
Ann Pearce Ann Pearce 48OrchardOrchard0015
Hugh TorringHugh Torring49OrchardOrchard0018
Hugh TorringHugh Torring50Commercial Inn008
Ann ScottHugh Torring51GardenGarden008
William FinchSarah Snell52Cottages005
Stephen ColesThomas Roll53House etc002
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Finch and Newland Berry54Cottages and Orchard015
Frances BastardWilliam Camp55Cottages 003
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Finch and Newland Berry56GardenGarden0013
Reverend George Perry Carwithen Robert Butland57GardenGarden009
John MoyseyJohn Moysey58Barn and Yard0013
John MoyseyJohn Moysey59Higher OrchardOrchard122
John MoyseyJohn Moysey60GardenGarden0035
John MoyseyJohn Moysey61OrchardOrchard0038
John MoyseyJohn Moysey62House Garden etc013
Reverend George Perry Carwithen Robert Butland63Cottage and Garden007
Reverend George Perry Carwithen Robert Butland64OrchardOrchard0017
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Finch and Newland Berry65OrchardOrchard0314
Richard Durrant, EsquireHugh Gorring66GardenGarden0011
Richard Durrant, EsquireHugh Gorring67OrchardOrchard0117
Richard Durrant, EsquireWilliam Camp68GardenGarden008
Jacob Ley ReverendJacob Ley Reverend69NurseryNursery006
Robert MartinRobert Martin70OrchardOrchard0020
Robert MartinRobert Martin71House and Garden0015
John MoyseyJohn Moysey73Hetter MeadowMeadow1022
John MoyseyValentine Farley74House and Garden 0029
John MoyseyValentine Farley75OrchardOrchard0033
John MoyseyWilliam Allery76Cottage and Garden0013
John MoyseyJohn Moysey77Tarrs OrchardOrchard100
John MoyseyJohn Moysey79Collins OrchardOrchard0210
John MoyseyJohn Moysey212Inner Far BeaconArable2139
John MoyseyJohn Moysey215Inner RhodesArable2233
John MoyseyJohn Moysey217Far BeaconArable2318
John MoyseyJohn Moysey220RhodesArable337
Richard Durrant, EsquireHugh Gorring221Higher Summer ParkArable2018
John MoyseyJohn Moysey223Symonds FurlongPasture510
William FinchJohn Reeves238Token ParkPasture0317
Jacob Ley ReverendJacob Ley Reverend247Eastern ParkPasture401
Jacob Ley ReverendJacob Ley Reverend248Inner Eastern ParkPasture730
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Reeves256Higher Lime HouseArable2028
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Reeves257Lime HouseArable2039
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Reeves258Langhams WoodArable2015
John MoyseyJohn Moysey262Easter ParkPasture2233
John MoyseyJohn Moysey264Tree ClosePasture3020
John MoyseyJohn Moysey266Garden ClosePasture130
John MoyseyJohn Moysey271Lane EndPasture0321
William FinchWilliam Finch 274OrchardOrchard1032
John MoyseyJohn Moysey276Little OxenburyArable0224
John MoyseyJohn Moysey277Oxenbury Orchard and Quarry221
John MoyseyJohn Moysey278OxenburyPasture408
Reverend George Perry Carwithen John Reeves282Little PlotArable0124
Reverend George Perry Carwithen Reverend George Perry Carwithen 283Square FieldPasture1038
Reverend George Perry Carwithen Reverend George Perry Carwithen 286Perrotts FieldPasture3022
Reverend George Perry Carwithen Reverend George Perry Carwithen 296Fir Plantation0022
John MoyseyJohn Moysey298Adams'sPasture2220
John MoyseyJohn Moysey299Higher Limeys HillArable1220
Mary FossMary Foss304Garden0023
Poor of AshpringtonThomas Bickford316House and Garden0113
Henry NethertonWilliam Damerel and Henry Damerel375Cottage009
Henry NethertonWilliam Damerel and Henry Damerel376Garden0030
Stephen DowningStephen Downing407House and Garden0012
Mary FossMary Foss408House etc.005
Stephen DowningStephen Downing410OrchardOrchard0225
Frances BastardJames Camp419House and Orchard0226
Frances BastardJames Camp420Garden0017
Frances BastardJames Camp424Waste007
Robert AshweekeRobert Ashweeke433Watermans Arms Inn and Garden0033
John MoyseyJohn Moysey440Limeys HillArable1228
John MoyseyJohn Moysey444Coombe MeadowMeadow3037
Henry MichelmoreEsther Butland445GardenGarden0020
Thomas MartinThomas Martin446House and Garden0010
Henry MichelmoreEsther Butland447House and Garden0039
Mary NorrishSarah Lee448House and Garden0010
John MoyseyJohn Moysey451Road and Waste010
Reverend George Perry Carwithen Reverend George Perry Carwithen 452Lime Kiln and Quarry0014
Frances BastardChristopher Furneaux456OrchardOrchard1128
Frances BastardPhilip Symonds458Kilns and Waste0029
Frances BastardChristopher Furneaux459Waste018
Frances BastardChristopher Furneaux460Quays and Offices0129
Frances BastardChristopher Furneaux464GardenGarden0027
Frances BastardMary Norris465Cottage009
Frances BastardPeter Scatchill466Cottage and Garden009
Frances BastardMary Norris467Garden007
Frances BastardChristopher Furneaux468OrchardArable102
Frances BastardChristopher Furneaux469Perchwood FieldPasture306
William Manning and John EarleWilliam Manning and John Earle478Quays Offices etc000
William Manning and John EarleWilliam Manning and John Earle478.1Quays Offices etc0331
Anne TuckerSusanna Newland480Houses004
Richard TurnerRichard Turner482House and Garden0110
Richard TurnerJames Mayne483Cottages0134
Anne TuckerSusanna Newland484GardenGarden0012
Richard TurnerRichard Turner485GardenGarden0035
Thomas MudgeJohn Huxham and William Huxham486House0016
Thomas MudgeJohn Huxham and William Huxham487GardenGarden0123
Anne TuckerSusanna Newland489OrchardOrchard0033
Anne TuckerSusanna Newland490GardenGarden003
Thomas MudgeEdward Evans491Cottage Yard etc038
Richard TurnerRichard Turner503Pond0137
Anne TuckerSusanna Newland505Road0312
Thomas EdmondsWilliam Woodley528Cottages and Gardens 0118
Joseph CoombesJohn Mumford563Weir HamMeadow1027
Joseph CoombesJohn Mumford564OrchardOrchard1210
Joseph CoombesJohn Mumford565Littleford ParkMeadow2231
Joseph CoombesJohn Mumford566Yonder HamMeadow120
Joseph CoombesJohn Mumford567First HamMeadow0325
Joseph CoombesJohn Mumford568New GroundMeadow0236
Joseph CoombesJohn Mumford569Middle HamMeadow0328
Joseph CoombesJohn Mumford573OrchardOrchard0111
Joseph CoombesJohn Mumford600House Grist Mill Yard etc1111
Joseph CoombesJohn Mumford601GardenGarden012
Joseph CoombesJohn Mumford612Kitt HillPasture336
Stephen LifeStephen Life652Blacksmiths Shop009
Anne ElliottAnne Elliott653House002
John TopeWilliam Bounding655Cottage002
John CurryThomas Life655.1House and Garden0014
John TopeWilliam Bounding656OrchardOrchard0017
John CurryThomas Life657OrchardOrchard009
Jane AlmondAnn Almond677OrchardOrchard025
Jane AlmondAnn Almond678Houses0010
John SweetlandHenry Williams679OrchardOrchard020
John Sweetland, Ann Ellis (Lessee)Henry Williams679.1OrchardOrchard0115
Ann AlmondRobert Fisher680House and Garden0012
Ann AlmondAnn Almond681OrchardOrchard0030
John SweetlandHenry Williams682GardenGarden0012
John SweetlandHenry Williams683House and Orchard0222
Ann EllisHenry Cole 684House008
John CockramJohn Cockram685GardenGarden0017
John SweetlandHenry Williams686Part of Pearcher Arable1220
749Roads and Waste55320

Farm Identification

The Estate name is the name of the farm to which the fields listed belonged which could be spread over 2 or more parishes.

Since 1843 many parish boundaries have been revised and the the column 'Parish 2024' indicates the location of the farmhouses today. Some farmhouses have been converted to other uses.

The Estate of 'Sharpham Mansion' was principally parkland and any cultivated fields may have been served by buildings such as #136, since demolished.

Hannaford Farm was named Hernaford Farm on the Harberton Tithe Map. This was its usual name on maps and documents pre and post 1843 and is its name today.

Yetson Farm lands were owned by two people, the Reverend George Perry Carwithen and Thomas Edmonds. Carwithen did not work the land but lived at Ashprington House. In addition to a part of Yetson (c44.5 acres), he also owned the lands referred to in the Tithe Apportionment as Bow Bridge Farm (c20 acres), Western Barn Farm (c14.5 acres) and Langans Farm (c44.5 acres). All his lands were farmed by John Wright who lived at Higher Yetson. Thomas Edmonds did farm c48 acres of his own land and lived at Yetson House. The remaining c120 acres of his Yetson lands were farmed by Anthony Goodridge and he lived at Lower Yetson.

´╗┐18432024Parish 2024OS GR
Blackdown FarmBlackdown FarmHalwellSX801532
Bow Bridge FarmFields without buildings, except a lime kiln, east of BowSX812564
Bow FarmBow Bridge House &c (subdivided)SX812565
Bow Mill FarmBow Mill FarmSX810567
Bowden FarmLittle Bowden HouseSX796585
Brookings FarmBrookingSX818570
Coltons FarmJasmine Cottage, Ashprington &c (subdivided) SX818570
Frogmore FarmFrogmore Farm &c (subdivided))SX816567
Hannaford FarmHernaford (subdivided) HarbertonSX783555
Langans FarmFields without buildings except a small demolished barnSX801580
New House FarmNewhouseHalwellSX793540
Painsford FarmPainsfordSX800568
Sharpham Farm(later Sharpham Barton Farm) now Sharpham Barton HouseSX813582
Sharpham MansionSharpham HouseSX826578
Shute Farm(later Ashprington School) now Greystone Cottage (on site) SX818570
Spring Field FarmSpringfield HouseSX817561
Standcombe FarmStancombe FarmHarbertonSX794582
Torcombe FarmTorcombe (ruin)SX806574
Washbourne FarmHigher Washbourne FarmHalwellSX791550
Western Barn FarmFields with a barn, now Western BarnSX808569
Yetson FarmYetson House, Higher Yetson & Lower Yetson &c (subdivided)SX808563