BOX V - Index of Documents relating to Dittisham Parish

´╗┐Index #TitleAuthor/sPublisherDateNotes
D001A Dittisham Boy's StoryEwart HutchingsDartmouth History Research Group1997The autbiographical memoir of boy born in Dittisham, served in WWI & subsequently had a career in education. Includes an excellent image of an early Dittisham ferry
D002The Liwentaal EnigmaBob MarshQuercus UKA well-researched and referenced acount of the life and work of aviation pioneer Alexandre 'Albert' Liwentaal who lived a short time in Dittisham and tested his glider nearby
D003Alexandre Liwenthaal (1868-1940)Jean-Claude CaillezPioneer-GE2005A detailed time line of the life of Alexandre Liwenthaal, aviation pioneer who lived in Ditish in the early 1890s