BOX VIII - Index of Research Support Documents

Index #TitleAuthor/sPublisherDateNotes
R001Stopping the RotDevon County OfficeAn advice booklet on conserving archives
R002Information LefletsDevon Heritage CentreFour guidance leaflets on land tax assessments, electoral registers, newspaper collections and tithe records
R003Catalogue of Books, Microfiche and CD-ROMDevon Family History SocietyA catalogue of available birth, marriage and burial records in Devon pariches
R004Researching Your Devon AncestorsDevon Family History SocietyA summary of servoves provided by the DFHS
R005Tape Recording for Archival PurposesGuidelines on how to cobduct a taped interview with local residents
R006Talk on Local History ResearchSheila Johnson notes from a talk by Robert Waterhouse2000A record of a talk given by Robert Waterhouse, South Hams Archaeologist to C&DLHS on research considerations for a Local Hist. Soc.

Index of Large Documentary Items

Index #TitleAuthor/sPublisherDateNotes
L001Estate Agent Brochures1980+A collection of 20+ Estate Agent brochures of properties principally in Tuckenhay including Tuckenhay House, Springfield, Perchwood, The Maltsters, Riverside & The Old Bakehouse
L002Paper Samples1930+A significant collection of handmade papers & flyers from TM in the 1930s & 40s
L003Three Hundred Years of Paper MakingArnold & FosterA handmade paper samples book from Arnold & Foster, Eynsford Mill, Kent
L004Census 1951 - County Report - DevonHMSO1955An original copy of the 1951 census summary
L005A Conservation Management Plan for Sharpham House and Stable Yard, Ashprington, DevonKeystone Historic Buidings for The Sharpham Trust2012A comprehensive survey with substantial historical data, conservation discussion, illustrations and appendices
L006Ashprington Cuttings Book1992-6Miscellaneous local press cuttings
L007The Ashprington and Cornworthy Parish Heritage AppraisalsExeter ArchaeologySHDC2004-5A comprehensive collection of surveys, reports and maps of the two parishes (See also Item A009)

Map Collection

Drawer A - Original Maps

Index #PublisherDateScaleLocation
MA01Ordnance Survey18861:2500 (25":1 Mile)Tuckenhay &c
MA02Ordnance Survey18861:2500 (25":1 Mile)East Cornworthy &c
MA03Ordnance Survey18861:2500 (25":1 Mile)Long Stream, River Dart &c
MA04Ordnance Survey1862-861:10560 (6":1 Mile)East Cornworthy - Dittisham
MA05Ordnance Survey18861:10560 (6":1 Mile)Harberton - Cornworthy
MA06Ordnance Survey18861:2500 (25":1 Mile)Ashprington, Tuckenhay, Cornworthy & Dittisham (2 copies)
MA07Duchy of Cornwall (From OS)20041:5000 (12.5":1 mile)River Dart Maps 1-6

Drawer B - Large Facsimile Maps

Index #PublisherDateScaleLocation
MB01Ordnance Surveyc19801:5000 (12.5":1 mile)Cornworthy Parish Boundary (3 copies)
MB02Ordnance Survey18861:2500 (25":1 Mile)Ashprington, Tuckenhay, Cornworthy & Dittisham (4 copies)
MB03Ordnance Surveyc19801:10560 (6":1 Mile)Ashprington, Cornworthy & Dittisham Parish Boundaries

Drawer C - Small Facsimile Maps

Index #PublisherDateScaleLocation
MC01Benjamin Donn17651:63360 (1":1 mile)Map of the County of Devon (5 extracts)
MC02Ordnance Survey18091:63360 (1":1 mile)Series 1 - South Devon
MC03Ordnance Survey18861:10560 (6":1 Mile)Harberton - Cornworthy
MC04Ordnance Survey1862-861:10560 (6":1 Mile)East Cornworthy - Dittisham
MC05Ordnance Survey18131:31680 (2":1 mile)Surveyor's Drawing 22E - Lower Dart - Harberton
MC06Ordnance Survey1906--071:10560 (6":1 Mile)West Dart Area (13 extracts)
MC07Ordnance Surveyc19801:5000 (12.5":1 mile)Cornworthy Parish Boundary (8 copies)
MC08Ordnance Survey1880s1:2500 (25":1 Mile)Ashprington - Cornworthy (9 extracts)
MC09Ordnance Surveyc18901:10560 (6":1 Mile)Ashprington - Cornworthy (12 extracts)

Drawer D - Facsimile Tithe Maps

Index #PublisherDateScaleLocation
MD01Tithe Commisioners / Anthony Harrison1844/c2000c1:6000 (10.4":1 mile)Annotated copy of Cornworthy Tithe Map with field names (25 extracts)

Drawer E - Tracing of Tithe Map

Index #PublisherDateScaleLocation
ME01Tithe Commisioners / Anthony Harrison1844/c2000c1:6000 (10.4":1 mile)Cornworthy Tithe Map Original Trace
ME02Tithe Commisioners / Anthony Harrison1844/c2000c1:6000 (10.4":1 mile)Cornworthy Tithe Map in 8 sheets

Drawer F - Facsimile Tithe Map and Apportionment

Index #PublisherDateScaleLocation
MF01Tithe Commisioners / Anthony Harrison1843N/ACornworthy Tithe Apportionment